Creative, innovative, Influential, quality and limited edition is the Beaumont Clothier Brand. We are not reinventing the wheel, we are just dedicated to cross decades of styles, quality and fashion that can be worn presently. Beaumont Clothier Corporation Inc. was established collectively by a team of former celebrity personal shoppers, fashion consultants, models, clothing design artists and, as they put it, the expert in the fashion industry. As a team with the same love and passion for the art, we noticed from our experiences that style, fashion, and quality were being compromised because of the industry’s greed for profits. It?? became a lost art, not knowing that everything fashion is an art.?? We don’t advertise. Most of our sales come by word of mouth from past satisfied customers who, sadly, missed the true art of taste, style, with quality and uniqueness. We believe there’s an elite group who want quality over quantity—who focus on how their clothes look, feel, and fit. And when you experience how that combination flows throughout our clothing lines, you will never feel unseen. Because we are a brand dealer, we pride ourselves on being a niche market. We do our best to produce limited editions with a very unique style and fashion. Some of our products are from luxury brands that have prototypes which never made it to the production line. As a result, you may never see it worn by another person on your continent. We don’t engage in Mass production: meaning that the majority of our goods/products come from private, upcoming fashion designers who have the “it” factor.